House Concerts  
What do you need to know? 

 A house concert is a great way to share an evening of story and song. It's intimate, it's personal, it's rewarding, and it’s easier than you might think.  We’d love to come to your place and do a show for you and your friends. There might be a potluck, there might be wine, but there will definitely be fun.

Here’s our recipe for a great house concert:

  1. Make a list of friends who you think might enjoy an evening of music in your home. Invite your church choir, your dentist, your dog-walker. Consider inviting a friend to co-host, and collaborate on a guest list. Don’t be a bit surprised to find that list comes to as many as 50 people. That’s perfect!     
  1. Decide on refreshments. Do your friends enjoy potluck suppers? Would they like to bring a favorite wine and/or cheese? Remember, you’re providing the space; guests bring the rest. They will feel more engaged, more involved in the event. Keep it simple, and fun.  
  2. Spread the word with an email-friendly flyer.


  1.  Gather up folding chairs, office chairs, dining chairs, piano benches. No need to get fussy here.   
  2. Decide where you’ll want to cut off reservations. Around 35 guests is ideal, but remember, the more the merrier.   
  3. Prepare for a delightful evening of music with friends.